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Gut Balancer

It is no secret that the way we keep our horses has vastly changed compared to how they have evolved. Horses are natural grazers with a need for fibre to encourage efficient digestive function. Horses are considered trickle feeders due to their lack of a Gall Bladder. This is responsible for the storage and release… Continue reading Gut Balancer


The Difficulty of Graduating

Today marked the day I submitted my final assignment- a presentation and report on a current issue of our choice. Whilst I should be excited at this prospect, I am actually finding it quite daunting, I really don't have much time left at university and I am so desperate to get a job as I… Continue reading The Difficulty of Graduating

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An Absolute Steal!!

Just a quick post today because I neeeeed to share this! Pikeur have just launched their Girls collection, which in true Pikeur style is super stylish! I usually wear a size 28/30 in breeches however, I have managed to quite comfortably fit into the Girls XL breeches (and I definitely have not miraculously lost weight!)… Continue reading An Absolute Steal!!

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Hoof Health and Farriery

Because I constantly have something horse related on my mind, I was thinking about hoof health today during my lunch! (Totally normal)... Hoof health is something which anyone with a horse must consider, whether your horse has brittle feet or strong and unshod feet, or specialist shoeing. Farriery is a subject which can quite literally… Continue reading Hoof Health and Farriery