Recently I have been feeling a tad… overwhelmed. And I don’t think that's true of just myself, a lot of people around me continue to say that their head feels full and they need a break. Usually, I would just go for a nice ride and everything would feel better but for the first time… Continue reading Headspace


The Guilt of Not Making Time

The first week of my Easter break is almost over, with my dissertation and exams looming I can't say it has been relaxing at all really. I wanted this blog to be as honest as possible, right now I am feeling really overwhelmed in my life with my list of things to do mounting up… Continue reading The Guilt of Not Making Time


The Difficulty of Graduating

Today marked the day I submitted my final assignment- a presentation and report on a current issue of our choice. Whilst I should be excited at this prospect, I am actually finding it quite daunting, I really don't have much time left at university and I am so desperate to get a job as I… Continue reading The Difficulty of Graduating