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Common Questions about Hydrotherapy- The Aqua Treadmill

So, although I do not own an Aqua Treadmill (I'm not quite rich enough yet), I have experienced using the aqua treadmill, as well as having looked into the theory behind it. So whilst hydrotherapy is becoming ever more popular, there is still a long way to go with educating people about it. Many people… Continue reading Common Questions about Hydrotherapy- The Aqua Treadmill

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Hoof Health and Farriery

Because I constantly have something horse related on my mind, I was thinking about hoof health today during my lunch! (Totally normal)... Hoof health is something which anyone with a horse must consider, whether your horse has brittle feet or strong and unshod feet, or specialist shoeing. Farriery is a subject which can quite literally… Continue reading Hoof Health and Farriery