My First Show Report of the Year

I usually really struggle with nerves when competing. I even became immune to rescue remedy from using it so much! It is the most frustrating feeling and something which I know is a struggle for many people too. Why is competing so daunting? Is it the adrenaline rush, the hours of preparation, the fear of… Continue reading My First Show Report of the Year


Horse Welfare hits the Mainstream

We are all familiar with the recurring images of horse carcasses being dumped in areas of the countryside. Be it right or not it is an act which is happening far more often than it seemed to. Whether this is due to the nature of social media publicizing these- usually from a "omg can someone… Continue reading Horse Welfare hits the Mainstream

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Common Questions about Hydrotherapy- The Aqua Treadmill

So, although I do not own an Aqua Treadmill (I'm not quite rich enough yet), I have experienced using the aqua treadmill, as well as having looked into the theory behind it. So whilst hydrotherapy is becoming ever more popular, there is still a long way to go with educating people about it. Many people… Continue reading Common Questions about Hydrotherapy- The Aqua Treadmill


The Guilt of Not Making Time

The first week of my Easter break is almost over, with my dissertation and exams looming I can't say it has been relaxing at all really. I wanted this blog to be as honest as possible, right now I am feeling really overwhelmed in my life with my list of things to do mounting up… Continue reading The Guilt of Not Making Time