About Me

Hello! Thanks for stumbling upon my blog…

My name is Hannah, I am from the UK and live in my own equestrian bubble most of the time!

I have just finished my degree in Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, here I learnt about equine science, rider biomechanics, hydrotherapy and nutrition. Since leaving university, I work as a Marketing Assistant for an equine PR and Marketing company, meaning that I am lucky enough to work with some incredible equestrian brands and people. I love my job and get so much pleasure out of helping others build their brands, I particularly enjoy helping to manage their social media and digital marketing campaigns.

So, about the main men in my life… Milo, Guinness and Danny (oh and Matt, my fiancé!).

Milo is my baby not baby horse, he is 10 years old, skewbald ISH (although god knows what, he has no breeding but is from Ireland). He is an absolute sweetie albeit slightly destructive as he is oblivious to his size… I have just started his affiliated show jumping career in which he is proving very promising. My preference is show jumping and Milo’s… is just to have a cuddle, he is very affectionate! I have had Milo for nearly 3 years and I am so proud of how much he has improved, even if it has nearly killed me at times.

Guinness is my little pony whom I have had for 11 years! He is 17 years old, Connemara and 14.2hh. He becomes naughtier and naughtier with age and every time I try to slow him down he gives me another reason to up his work! I enjoy riding him so much as it is like going home for me, we know each other inside out and make a great team.

Danny or Dobby as he is sometimes known as (he looks like the house elf from Harry Potter) is my dog. He is a whippet who my family bred, he was born and raised in my house! He is the sassiest dog ever, motivated by bed and tea, he is notoriously unloving to anyone who is not me, Matt or my mum. He always has a lot to say for himself and enjoys being the biggest brat, always getting his own way!

I hope you enjoy my blog and keep up on my (at times mad) life and follow me on my journey!

Hannah x