My Square of Life

I’ve come to recognise my life as a square. By that, I mean I have four corners or areas of my life that I try to balance, this being; work, horses, social life and sleep. And right now, my square is a total mess. I recently started working after finishing my degree. I love love love my job and I know I’m lucky to feel like that about my job, but as a result my routine is all out of balance!

I am now busier than ever before in my life. As a result, other areas of my little life are suffering. I’ve been eagerly searching for tips and tricks to make life and daily routine more easy, particularly with the horses. One change is that I’ve been forcing myself to stay up ’til 9.30pm, a whole hour later than my usual bed time, as I was getting home at 8pm, meaning I had 30 minutes for daily living before bed. I’m just a very sleepy person! (I am always 1 day behind with Love Island as a result 😦 )

I sometimes think, would owning just one horse be easier? But I’m a selfish softy and neither of the horses are going anywhere! I see plenty of people online managing to keep horses fit and work full time. I feel like I am a sponge looking to soak in new information about this thing called adult life which seems to have finally happened to me. The horses take time, but I don’t know what I would do with that time if I didn’t have them to fill it.

For many people a work-life balance is difficult to achieve. Add horses into that mix and it only gets harder. Why have we chosen to love animals which take so much care and lack so much independence? Horses have a weird attraction about them. Even on my way to a wedding last week, I got excited to see horses in a nearby field. I think the answer to my dilemma lies in solidifying a good routine. I’m a routine kind of girl anyway, I think it is because I always have so much to do and a routine is the only way I can be sure that everything has been done.

I think that work truly defines who you are as as a result, dictates your life. I mean, even on Love Island they say their name, age and occupation. People (well most) love to have a purpose and a sense of belonging, for most this is what a job brings, well that and an increase in your bank balance. It is possible to do it all and it comes down to motivation to do so but equally knowing when your plate is full. I hope I can achieve this as I continue on my career path. Oh and a little help with the horses never goes amiss!Β field


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