Equine Apps: Tried and Tested

Slowly but surely the equestrian industry is begrudgingly launching itself into the 21st century. For most industries, apps are the way forward with almost everything being totally technology based. The equine industry is somewhat unique in it’s old school approach to, well…just about everything! Despite this, innovative apps are making a breakthrough onto the current market. I don’t think I am the only one that is totally up for anything which will make life easier, and so, I have tried a few of these apps for myself. Although there are not vast numbers of apps available, a few did strike a cord with me. There are far more American than UK apps and whilst some are ok, the majority are not really appropriate to how I keep my horses.

1. Equilab

I LOVE this app. I use it every day without fail for both of my horses. Sometimes with 2 horses to work 6 days a week, I fall into a bit of a rut with what to do with them and more often than not just find myself taking them for a mooch around the fields. This app has helped to keep me on track with my goals as well as proving totally advantageous with regards to fitness building.

The set up is this- you, your horses and your yard all have your own profile which you can set to public or private. You fill in details about your horses and yourself so the app can track you as effectively as possible. When you’re ready, set what type of activity you are doing and click “begin ride”.

The app tracks the following parameters when riding:
–Β  How long the ride was
–Β  How far you rode
– Average speed
– Ground type, horse performance and rider performance (you input these)
– Gait distribution (how long you spent, average distance, speed and bpm for each one)
– Turn distribution in each gait
– Graphs for elevation, stride, speed, bpm and gait.
– The option to add notes
– A map of your ride
– Energy consumption
– Trends of riding activity per week/month

Basically, it is awesome and tracks so much! It is a really personalised to each individual. To make this app even better, it’s free! I would highly recommend this app, it is also ideal for those following an exercise or rehab program.


2. Team UpΒ 

This app probably isn’t directly horse based, but if you’re on a livery yard, it is highly useful! This was recently discovered by a friend at my yard and has proved so beneficial since we have all been using it. The app is a calendar which can be shared among groups of people. We all downloaded the app and were given a unique code so we could all share the calendar.
We use this app for:
– School hires
– Clinics
– Vet/Physio/Chiro/Dentist/Farrier appointments
– Social events

It is a great tool to keep everyone in the know and is accessible any time for us all to use. This app is also free and great for any support network around a horse or for a yard.


3. Equibuddy

I haven’t long had this app and I am still getting to grips with it! This app is also for a support network around a horse. I particularly like that you can log important documents such as passports and life height certificates for each horse. This app is a social app and allows your friends to interact with you and your horse’s actions. As well as this, you can log management of your horse such as weight, worming and vaccination programs and the farrier. This app is an example of how upkeep of horses can move to a digital platform successfully. I will definitely be keeping this app and using to keep me on top of caring for my horses!


4. One to watch: HuufeΒ 

I have heard a lot about the imminent launch of Huufe. The features on this app look both exciting and easy to use. Some features include a marketplace, performance tracker and the opportunity to join groups. Head over to their website and sign up to gain early access on an app which is sure to shape the equestrian industry!

Hopefully in a few years time I will be able to revisit this post with far more advanced apps which are used by the majority of the equine population! Although our industry is slow moving with some areas of technology, it is advancing nonetheless.



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