The Difficulty of Graduating

Today marked the day I submitted my final assignment- a presentation and report on a current issue of our choice. Whilst I should be excited at this prospect, I am actually finding it quite daunting, I really don’t have much time left at university and I am so desperate to get a job as I have hated being poor for 3 years (although that may have something more to do with the 2 horses).

I constantly browse for jobs online, although it seems to be an industry which lacks so much in opportunities compared to others. It seems that all the interesting jobs are too far away and those local are often not equine related. Britain is considered one of the most advanced equine industries in the world with consumer spending totaling £4.3 billion. For me, this figure is not representative in the number of job opportunities made available. Of course, the other option is that job opportunities are available however they are not always advertised online due to a lack of equine recruitment agencies.

At this point, I think to myself- if I were that desperate to be employed then I would settle for anything. Wrong. I only seem to get fussier as I am so desperate to find my niche within this industry.  I constantly remind myself to relax, I have many years ahead of myself to make a career and find my niche. However it still frustrates me that I do not have a solid career move for after I have completed my degree.

As exciting as it is to be involved in an industry where research and knowledge is ever evolving, it can also be frustrating. My hope is that in 10 years time, equine jobs will be far more apparent with a variety of opportunities for graduates who are keen to find their niche.

As well as this, graduate opportunities need to increase to help further development. I hope that by continuing to research and try new things, I will find my niche and thrive in an industry which I enjoy so much.




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